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HanaWorld Corp. was established in 1993 and since then
it has supplied cosmetics and beauty care products to different distribution companies nationwide, including stores specializing in cosmetics, brand shops, large discount stores, drug stores, nail salons, and pharmacies. We are a company specializing in the distribution of beauty care products and cosmetics.

Starting with the first launching in Korea of an eyebrow shaver for women called “Feather Eyebrow Shaver,“ we have imported and distributed Japanese beauty care HanaWorld
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brands for women, such as “Feather," “Green Bell", and “Ishihara”. We also have also imported and distributed in Korea a brand from the United States that specializes in nail care called “Sally Hansen”. We also possess our own makeup brands, such as “Ipum,“ “Fingirls,” and “Oh! Mine” that are well received by almost everyone in Korea.

Based on R&D of not only makeup items but also of beauty and health products, nail products, household items, and other products, we have become the top company in the industry. As such, we are continuously exporting new products to the United States, Japan, China, and Europe based on our accumulated production and distribution knowledge.

HanaWorld Corp. is building a distribution system to carry out efficient delivery of products to our consumers. We are a company working to become global and an evangelist that helps consumers enjoy their health and beauty

As a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) with over 20 years growth, our Dr. Poran makeup products are developed with the participation and help of distinguished professors and doctors appearing on a famous Korean health program and with doctorate degrees in stem cell science, dermatology, Korean medicinal herb agriculture, cosmetic pharmacology, health promotion, public health, pack fiber engineering, Korean medicine, and plastic surgery, to fully satisfy you, our customers.

Thank you.

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